Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions: 

2 year olds (30-35 min. w/Parent Participation) – This class is for our littlest Tykes. This class focuses on pre-soccer skills, turn taking, sharing, educational components such as numbers and colors, and other gross motor skills such as throwing, kicking, catching, jumping, and balance. We like to encourage the parents to participate to help build confidence in your child. This is the most basic class we offer. This class is full of fun games and movement activities to enhance listening, social, and motor skills. This class is for children who are curious and on the go! Parents are encouraged to participate in this class with your child as much or little as needed.

3 year olds (35-40 min.) – This class is very high energy! We begin to add more games, creativity, fun, and essentials of soccer to this class. This fun, but competitive setting allows for children to further develop self-confidence while learning new skills. We typically introduce the concept of a real soccer game and allow the classes, who are ready, to scrimmage (although, not all classes are always ready for this). We strive to encourage cooperation with peers and teamwork in this class! 

4/5 year olds (40-45 min.) – This class continues to work on the basic skills of soccer, but we will attempt to move on to more advanced skills. We will learn the rules of a real game, practice scrimmaging, and work on real game scenarios. The level of competition rises so we demonstrate how to have good sportsmanship and give positive praises while encouraging self-confidence with the ball.

*Please Remember:

Every class is different depending on the makeup of kids. If you feel your child should be in a younger or older class based on their abilities and skill level, please email us and we can make changes accordingly (as long as there is space available in the class you request.)